About Rashad Pharaon

Banker by day, wordsmith by night, travelophile and aspiring author of multicultural fiction, Rashad Pharaon is a Saudi-American who lives in Miami, Florida. His passions include reading, working out, satisfying his bottomless craving for lattes and, last but not least, cozying up in a coffee shop and writing.

Rashad attended Boston University in Massachusetts where he earned a bachelors degree in Economics with elective concentrations in Creative Writing and Music Theory.

After college, he moved to Florida and pursued a career in banking management. Following the economic crash of 2008, coupled with a life-changing armed robbery at his home, he was struck by an Eat Pray Love moment and took a hiatus to pursue his dreams: traveling and writing.

Rashad has recently completed his debut novel, When Kings Fall, a work of historical fiction set during the Arabian kingdom war of 1924, which depicts the journey and hardships of a physician and his wife in exile from Syria. Rashad also blogs at Banker in the Sun, a site with a reach of over 100,000 monthly readers and which follows his adventures around the world. Blending his trekking experience with a foreign literary style, his writing focuses on universal themes such as family dysfunction and compromised values.

Rashad’s nomadic lifestyle has taught him four languages: English, French, Portuguese, and Arabic. He uses the latter when visiting his roots in Saudi Arabia, where his grandfather, of the same name, served three successive monarchs as head advisor, first health minister, and senior delegate to the United Nations. This ultimately lay the groundwork for his novel, When Kings Fall.